Boston Strippers May thru July

Boston strippers can be booked anytime from May to July. Any party booked within 48 hours will be priced between $150 and $250 for 2 girls. Our boston strippers average about 2 hours per party. They are young, fun and wild. We have a full roster of boston strippers that will please and entertain any party. So get the guys together, get the all details and call us at 617-622-5188.

No credit card or deposits required when you order from us. If you dont like what you shows up, send them packing and pay us nothing. Thats how confident we are in our boston strippers. Find me another company with that kind of promise. Oh yeah, lets not forget, hot and wild girls dont work for free, so any agency giving you free toy shows or free anything is almost certainly sending you the worst kind of junk ever. If you wont to be that guy who has the worst possible junk show up, call one of our competitors.

Call 617-622-5188

Email is


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2017 Boston Strippers Is Here

Boston Strippers is proud to still serve and provide top quality entertainment. 2017 has finally arrived and now its time to celebrate. We are booking events very quickly and as far out as March. Take advantage of some of the best 2 girl shows in town while you still can. Our expectations are high for the Boston Strippers we hire and that means you should not settle for less.

Currently we are updating the gallery to more recent photos of the favorites who are still with us as well as adding the new faces of the future. So if you’re looking for something new or something old, we will have it. The 1 stop shop for high quality, high demand Boston Strippers.

Boston Strippers NataliaBoston Strippers Leah

Boston Strippers 2016 is here

Lets celebrate 2016 with our infamous Boston Strippers. There are a lot of imitators but no duplicators! We have style, class, beauty, personality and most of all we have fun. These Boston Strippers cannot be beat by any company and we will prove it. Order our 2, order their 2, do not give a credit card and you choose the girls you really want. It might cost an extra $25-$50 more to have us but its worth every penny. We are running on year 7 of providing the most attractive Boston Strippers in Massachusetts.

 Be careful of all these sharks and bottom feeders in Boston, Maine and New Hampshire. You can get our Boston Strippers every weekend and they will look better and better every time. These Boston Strippers look great with the lights on or off and with their clothes on or off. Call us today and schedule ahead cause it will snow and it will get busy!

Our number is 617-622-5188

We look forward to partying with you this year!!!

Layla and Jada

Boston Strippers 2015

This marks the end of the year for Boston strippers. We are very excited for the holidays. Currently offering 10% off all our Boston strippers parties. Our roster is current and up to date. The incredible sexy Boston strippers we offer can not be matched by anyone. Now with our already low prices, holiday discount, it’s a no brainer who to use for your events.

Our Boston strippers still travel throughout New England. So for those of you traveling for skiing, we have ski resort offers as well. Make sure to mention it when you call for additional savings. We look forward to being at your event and celebrating the end of the year in style.

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Boston Strippers 2014

Welcome back to the best agency for Boston strippers. We are still around after 5 years and we couldn’t be doing any better. Thanks to those of you who put your trust in us time and time again. It’s now 2014 and our roster is even better than before. Unlike most companies out there, our quality fun girls are actually real. Imagine that, the girls you see will actually show up. We will be running summer specials for our Boston strippers. Order early and save as much as 25% off.

As we do every year, our Boston strippers will be giving away tickets to various Red Sox games when you have a show from us. So pay attention to our parent site for details. You could have a night of partying then a day at the game for 1 price. It is our way of giving back to our loyal customers. Find out today why we are the best and you wont regret it. At the very least you will enjoy some fun and fantastic Boston strippers.

Most often people will ask to see our Boston strippers. We encourage them to check the Girls out and pick their favorites. Ordering in advance will ensure you get the girls you want the most. However, no need to be discouraged by booking last-minute. We have very strict guidelines when hiring Boston strippers. All of our strippers are aged between 18-24, (no old hags) weigh between 100-130 pounds, (no fat chicks) and they cannot be junkies (no drug addicts). These Boston strippers must be fun, out going, enjoy a good party and as always love to entertain you the customers. Our most common feedback is “these girls were so cool to hang out with we didn’t want them to leave”. We pride ourselves on this. Hence we have NO TIME LIMITS on our shows. They work on tips so the better you tip the longer they stay, we average an hour and half but most of our shows go for two to three hours. So call today and book our finest. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No party is to big or to small. We cater to any event.


Boston strippers review 4/8/13

Here is a great review of our Boston strippers. See for yourself. We get more repeat customers than any of our competition. They can’t compete. It is almost unfair.

Here is some back ground on this review. Our Boston strippers did a party Saturday night. The girls I sent were Mia and a new girl Natalia. Mind you Natalia has been dancing for like 2 weeks. She is 19 with a body to die for, but still not a veteran by industry standards.  Naturally Mia who has been dancing for about 6 months is far more out going and out spoken. Don’t worry boys, Natalia will catch up and this review will look much different come July.

review of our boston strippers

Is there really any questions? Obviously this is a real review. Who would ever put a review like this up? Only us, because we know just how good and how hot this duo of Boston strippers really is. If you are wondering if these girls will go to other cities or states the answer is YES!! They travel all through New England. Just call us up and try them out. See what other customers are getting and why they keep calling us back.

New Boston Strippers

Since December 28th, 2012 we have been booking 2 Boston strippers. They have been the most repeat requested girls. Our boston strippers have gotten the most positive feedback. These boston strippers are sexy, fun, young and love to have a good time.

Boston Stripper Review 1-25-2013
“Raven was insane bro. She is by far the hottest girl we have ever gotten from any agency. I would tell you to keep that girl for as long as you can. I will tell anyone who asks me to get her. 10 out of 10. Perfect girl, perfect show, perfect night. Thanks again Chris”

Take a look at Raven


Boston Strippers January 2013

From all of our Boston strippers we would like to say Happy New Year and thank-you for a tremendous 2012. Hopefully everyone who had a party with 1 or more of our boston strippers will have another party this year. To kick off the new year, our boston strippers have decided to offer a half off sale for every weekend. That is like getting 2 girls for the price of 1. WOW, why would you book with anyone else. Save yourself the embarrassment of booking with companies using fake pictures. Call the best Boston strippers in the business. Book ahead to reserve the top strippers. We book on a first come first serve basis.

All last-minute show bookings will be based on who is available and when they can get there. So if you are hoping for them to show up when you call at 11pm on Saturday within 20 minutes you will be disappointed. Just call ahead. It saves you and us time and money. Fill out the form if you want to book online. We can quote you and deliver our famous boston strippers through email. No credit cards required.

Boston strippers for winter parties

Boston Strippers is having a huge winter sale!! You must pre-book your winter parties now. Call ahead and save between $50 and $100 on all our shows. This time of year we are specializing in ski parties and holiday themed parties. We will continue to provide entertainment for all other parties.

If you want to book Boston strippers for a company holiday party now is the time to do it. Our schedule is filling up fast as we have a ton of repeat business. We can do shows up to 200 people and have a large enough roster of young, sexy, fun and out going girls to choose from. Also if you are interested in planning a ski weekend get away, we travel all over New England and have amazing 2 and 3 girl specials for those parties as well. Last minute bookings are always welcome.

Plenty of agencies in Mass offer wide variety of garbage with a wide variety of false promises. All i will say is this… Real hot girls DO NOT WORK FOR FREE, so anyone offering a guaranteed amount of time such as 90 minutes is full of shit. Book them, don’t tip, then see if they stay for 90 minutes. I bet the booking fee they leave. If they offer a girl on girl show for free, it’s a scam.. Their idea of a free girl on girl show is 2 girls kissing. EVERY STRIPPER DOES THAT, so it doesn’t explain the extra cost they charge you. Look just call our boston strippers and find out the real truth, we wont lie to you cause we have enough customers who enjoy our service and use us often and we would like to add you to that list.

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October Boston Strippers

We have Boston strippers on sale for the rest of the month. Typically most agencies slow down this time of year. We like to run all year round. Our goal is to keep quality dancers entertaining for parties as much as possible. No party is to small or to big. Our boston strippers love to dance and perform.

Halloween is on the horizon. Parties are being talked about and planning has begun. Contact us to find out how we can liven up your party. Costumes and theme parties are more then welcome. When you call or email make sure to ask about our 2 girl show specials. They are a must see and very easy on the wallet. You don’t need to be in Boston Mass to get these girls. They travel anywhere in Mass and are available 24/7.

Week night parties are welcome as well. Just when you didnt think you could afford hot, sexy, fun boston strippers you found us. We make every party a night to remember. Boston Party Group has been doing company parties and holiday parties for years now. Call us at 617-622-5188 or fill out the form below and we will email you a price quote.

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